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Evidence pointing to a cover-up*

Lax security in Cairo and Cologne

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility

High level communications between Gander and Washington

Early official dismissals of sabotage, and explosion or a fire on board

Eyewitness accounts

U.S. military calls for investigation of ground personnel in Cologne

Major General John S. Crosby of the U.S. Army calls for the bulldozing of sites the day after the crash

Arrow Air denied access

Contradiction between the CASB spokesman and the CASB's chief investigator on the "Contents" of the black box tapes

Weapons, ammunition, flares, practice grenades on board?

FBI's Criminal Division involved in the investigation

Autopsy reports

The ice build-up theory: statements by ground crew at Gander / FBI report

Cockpit microphone turned off

Why did the pilot activate a fire extinguisher before impact?

The master fire warning light was turned on.

The Pinkel report

What caused sudden loss of speed?

The board of directors of the CASB divided.

The Sopinka report.

Statement by CASB member Les Filotas.

Benoit Bouchard's letter to CASB board members.

Other points of interest.

List of Exhibits

*(added to the Table of Contents by the author for clarity purposes)

Union of Canadian Transport Employees Report


Exhibit 1

Report by Major Ronald Carpenter of the Multinational Force and Observers group on the U.S battalion rotation in Cairo for a Transamerica flight on Decemher 4, 1985.

Exhibit 2

Report by Captain Arthur Schoppaul, a pilot with Arrow Air.

Exhibit 3

Statement by Captain Arthur Schoppaul provided to the CASB

Exhibit 4

Washington Post, December 14-15, 1985.

Exhibit 5

Toronto Star, December 13, 1985.

Exhibit 6

Globe and Mail, December 13, 1985.

Exhibit 7

New York Times, April 12, 1996.

Exhibit 8

Wall Street Journal, December 13, 1985.

Exhibit 9

Citizen, January 10, 1986.

Exhibit 10

Kentucky Courier-Journal, March 21, 1986.

Exhibit 11

Globe and Mail, April 9, 1986

Exhibit 12

Miami News, December 12 (PM), 1985.

Exhibit 13

Miami News, April, 1986.

Exhibit 14

Arrow Air internal memo (Mendez).

Exhibit 15

Toronto Star, December 14, 1985.

Exhibit 16

Arrow Air internal memo (Mailery).

Exhibit 17

Ottawa Citizen, January 21, 1996.

Exhibit 18

March 5, 1995 report of the Flight pcrorders Group submitted by S.R.M. Sinclair, Head of the laboratory at the National Research Council.

Exhibit 19

Letter by Ken Thorneycroft, Chairman of the CASB, dated April 23, 1988.

Exhibit 20

Report by Julius Graber, Arrow Air official.

Exhibit 21

Letter from Robert Krantz, U.S. Department of state to Peter Constable, Director-General, MFO, Rome, Italy regarding official statement of procedures.

Exhibit 22

Internal FBI teletye regardinq an FBI investigation of Arrow Air pilots.

Exhibit 23

Airtel memo from FBI's SAC in Miami to the Director of the FBI.

Exhibit 24

Airtel memo from FBI's SAC in San Francisco to the Director of the FBI.

Exhibit 25

Letter fron Mark Dombroff, Arrow Air counsel to Floyd Clark, assistant director for criminal investigations, FBI.

Exhibit 26

FBI internal memo to Floyd Clark, assistant director for criminal investigations.

Exhibit 27

Letter from Arrow Air pilot, Captain Stephen Saunders to the director of the FBI.

Exhibit 28

Internal FBI memo from John Mint to Floyd Clark, Assistant Director for criminal Investigations.

Exhibit 29

Letter from John Mintz to Mark Dombroff, Arrow Air attorney.

Exhibit 30

Wire from FBI representative in Gander, a Mr. Legat to the FBI Director.

Exhibit 31

FBI internal memo to a Mr. York.

Exhibit 32

FBI internal memo to a Mr. York.

Exhibit 33

Letter to Harry Weisberg, Arrow Air vice-president from Humphrey Cawson Arrow counsel.

Exhibit 34

Ottawa Citizen, April 15, 1988.

Exhibit 35

CASB initial investigation report dated December 12, 1985.

Exhibit 36

Ottawa Citizen, Mav 7. 1988

Exhibit 37

Globe and Mail, January 10, 1986.

Exhibit 38

Systems Group report submitted March 5, 1986.

Exhibit 39

Report prepared by Irving Pinkel Associates Inc. for Arrow Air's insurer Associated Aviation Underwriters.

Exhibit 40

Letter from Peter Boag, CASB Chief Investigator to John Martin,counsel for Associated Aviation Underwriters.

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