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Evidence pointing to a cover-up*

Lax security in Cairo and Cologne

Islamic Jihad claims responsibility

High level communications between Gander and Washington

Early official dismissals of sabotage, and explosion or a fire on board

Eyewitness accounts

U.S. military calls for investigation of ground personnel in Cologne

Major General John S. Crosby of the U.S. Army calls for the bulldozing of sites the day after the crash

Arrow Air denied access

Contradiction between the CASB spokesman and the CASB's chief investigator on the "Contents" of the black box tapes

Weapons, ammunition, flares, practice grenades on board?

FBI's Criminal Division involved in the investigation

Autopsy reports

The ice build-up theory: statements by ground crew at Gander / FBI report

Cockpit microphone turned off

Why did the pilot activate a fire extinguisher before impact?

The master fire warning light was turned on.

The Pinkel report

What caused sudden loss of speed?

The board of directors of the CASB divided.

The Sopinka report.

Statement by CASB member Les Filotas.

Benoit Bouchard's letter to CASB board members.

Other points of interest.

List of Exhibits

*(added to the Table of Contents by the author for clarity purposes)

Union of Canadian Transport Employees Report

High level communications between Gander and Washington

A source close to the investigation told us that within the first 24 hours of the crash, over 500 telephone communications were made between American officials at Gander and the U.S. State Department, Justice Department and Pentagon. All of these may well have been in the process of standard procedure. However, no recordings or records of these transmissions were ever made or kept.

When the Canadian Aviation safety Board made a request to obtain the records of these conversations they were told by U.S. officials that none were available because none were ever kept. A report on the general nature of the conversations was also denied. The Board felt that these official records were vital to the investigation. However, the Chairman never persisted. All of these were excluded from the investigation. Here too, may have lied another key to unravelllng any suspicions about a cover-up. (Source withheld to protect the identity of the person involved.)

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