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Canadian Aviation Safety Board (CASB) Majority Report
This report outlines the majority opinion of the CASB that the crash of Arrow Air flight MF1285 was caused by ice on the wings of the aircraft.

"Dissenting Opinion" - Canadian Aviation Safety Board Minority Report
Dissenting Opinion was written by four members (Norm Bobbitt, Les Filotas, Dave Mussallem and Ross Stevenson) of the Canadian Aviation Safety Board (CASB) in 1988. These four members found enough evidence against the "wing icing" theory (supported by the other 5 members) to produce this document which details their theory of an on-board explosion.

Gander: The Untold Story
Note from the author: I wrote this paper back in college for a technical writing assignment. My paper uses as sources Dissenting Opinion, as well as several other sources listed in the paper's bibliography, and provides an overall picture of the crash and the mysterious events which led up to, and followed, the crash of the Arrow Air flight. - J.S.

Union of Transport Canada Employees Report
This report is a compilation of events and circumstances which, combined, caused concern by the Union of Canadian Transport employees.

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