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CASB Majority Report


Peter Boag - Chairman CASB Technical Panel
William Mahoney - Eyewitness
Cecil Mackie - Eyewitness
Leonard Loughren - Eyewitness
Robert Lane - Eyewitness
Glenn Blandford - Tower Controller Transport Canada
William G. Geange - Allied Aviation Service Company Newfoundland Ltd.
Paul Garrett - IMP Aviation Services
Raymond Foley - IMP Aviation Services
Clarence Bowring - Atmospheric Environment Service/Environment Canada
Walter K. Brown - Pilot Canadian Pacific Airlines
John S. Steeves - Pilot Canadian Pacific Airlines
Llovd D. Granter - Allied Aviation Service Company of Newfoundland Ltd.
Rudy Kiffor - Chief Pilot Arrow Air Inc.
L/Col. James M. Kelly - U.S. Army
Capt. Gerald A. De Porter - U.S. Army
Maj. Ronald W. Carpenter - U.S. Army
Charles A. Alonso - Pilot Arrow Air Inc.
Hans Bertleson - Pilot Arrow Air Inc.
Arthur G. Schoppaul - Pilot Arrow Air Inc.
Mona Ogelsby - U.S. Army
Major Kathlene Kruczek - U.S. Army
S/Sgt. Charles Hailer - U.S. Army
Capt. Fred Shambach - U.S. Army (MFO)
Lt. Bradley G. Clemmer - U.S. Army (MFO)
Peter Smith - Arrow Air Inc.
R. Stephens Saunders - Pilot Arrow Air Inc.
Michael Mendez - Director of Maintenance Arrow Air Inc.
Julius Graber - European Director Arrow Air Inc.
Robert E. North - Pratt & Whitney United Technologies Corp.
Charles E. Bodemann - Pratt & Whitney United Technologies Corp.
Herbert Diehlmann - Contract Maintenance Arrow Air Inc.
Kelvin Colbert - Director of Flight Controller Arrow Air Inc.
John Kempster - Director of Charter Services Arrow Air Inc.
Sgt. William R. Fraser - RCMP Gander
Col. Robert McMeeken MD - U.S. Army
Gerald J. Nash - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
Anthony Kijok - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
Frank P. Giannolla - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
Vincent J. Lepera - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
Don Ewing - Director of Operations Arrow Air Inc.
Ralph Brumby - Douglas Aircraft Co.
Dr. Stanley Mohler - Wright State University

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