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CASB Majority Report

Survival Aspects

Immediately following the accident, ATC personnel initiated the atrport emergency response in accordance with published off-airport crash procedures. Direct telephone contact was established with airport CFR services and the RCMP. The location of the accident site could not be immediately determined. Although the aircraft struck terrain only about one and one-half miles from the control tower, the impact point was at an elevation significantly lower than that of the airport and was thus not visible to airport personnel. The exact position of the accident was established with the assistance of an arriving aircraft.

Airport CFR vehicles arrived at the stte about 10 minutes after the accident. A severe fuel-fed fire was still in progress. Fire suppression activities commenced immediately, following which an initial search for survivors was begun, without success. A second search for survivors was conducted about 45 minutes after the accident, also without success.

The accident was considered to be non-survivable due to the magnitude of the deceleration forces and the severity of the fire.

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