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Events in Gander -- An Overview

Prelude: Soldiers in the Sinai

Troop Movement and Security

Post-Crash Investigation

The Toxicology Reports: Burned Alive

Arms to Iran: Enter One Oliver North

The Governments' Lines


List of Sources

Gander: The Untold Story


Over ten years have passed since the crash of the homeward-bound DC-8 in 1985. Still, may questions remain unanswered. Although many details of the accident have remained a mystery, many more have been uncovered which may provide insight into the true cause of the disaster. However speculative, it is important that the postulation continue, and that all possible causes be explored. The icing proponents continue to produce credible statistics concerning the effects of ice on aircraft lift and drag. But as these facts are produced, they are challenged by stronger facts discounting them.

Theories abound in a case such as this, and I would like to offer my own theories behind this crash.

  • The mysterious wooden boxes were the bodies of Special Forces soldiers killed in a hostage rescue attempt.

  • A bomb, or some other incendiary device, was placed into the "B" cargo hold of the plane at one of its two stops before heading back to the U.S. The lax security would allow such an act to take place.

  • The explosion onboard the aircraft did not cause it to explode in mid-air, but rather rendered it uncontrollable and caused a massive system failure before crashing.

  • The Special Forces units on the aircraft were sent to rescue the hostages held in the Middle East. Oliver North realized that the hostages would probably be killed in retaliation for the bad shipment of HAWK missiles sent to Iran. He knew that he could face serious consequences for his actions if the hostages were harmed. The peace keeping agenda in the Sinai would provide an innocent platform from which to launch such an operation.

It is important that the public know about governmental wrongdoings. Although it may seem that there was no intentional or blatant cover-up, further investigation proves that the inadequate and incomplete investigation of this incident means substantially more than coincidence. A complete investigation is needed that will examine all aspects of the crash, including the pre-crash events, the post-crash investigation, toxicological findings, as well as the "arms for hostages" connections. Unlike the Kennedy assassination, another famous potential governmental conspiracy, the players in this game are still alive and within the population and should be probed for answers. Our servicemen and women are not expendable, for along with the 248 servicemen and women, 248 sons and daughters died as well.

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