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Events in Gander -- An Overview

Prelude: Soldiers in the Sinai

Troop Movement and Security

Post-Crash Investigation

The Toxicology Reports: Burned Alive

Arms to Iran: Enter One Oliver North

The Governments' Lines


List of Sources

Gander: The Untold Story

Events in Gander -- An Overview

In the wee hours of December 12, 1985, a military chartered Arrow Air DC-8 crashed into the cold, damp landscape at the end of runway 22 at Gander International Airport in Gander, Newfoundland. Two-hundred and forty-eight military personnel and eight crew members lost their lives in the accident. As members of the 101st Airborne division stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the servicemen were assigned to rotation as a peacekeeping force in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, enforcing the Camp David Accords of 1978. (4:50) The accepted theory at the time of the crash was that the plane had crashed due to ice accumulation on the leading surfaces of the wings.

However, recent discoveries and investigations have shown that this crash may not have been caused by ice, but rather by some type of incendiary device placed on the plane. Although the United States and Canadian governments have stood firmly behind their icing theories, many of the unusual events during the preparation for flight, governmental investigations, and toxicology reports point toward a deeper, more hidden, cause behind this tragic accident.

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