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Introduction / Summary

Crew Competent and Alert

No Ice Contamination Pre-Impact System Failures In-Flight Fire/Explosion Conclusion


CASB Minority Report



The following findings are further to, or in contrast with, those of the majority:

  • Members of the cockpit crew performed their duties without apparent fault.
  • Weight and balance considerations were not factors in this accident.
  • Ice contamination was not a factor in this accident.
  • The right outboard engine (the number four engine) was operating at low power before contacting trees.
  • All four thrust reversers may have been deployed prior to impact.
  • Fire broke out on board while the aircraft was in light, possibly due to a detonation in a cargo compartment.
  • The determination of the causes and factors that led to this occurrence was severely hampered by the lack of information that could have been provided by a thorough effort to analyze and reconstruct the wreckage.


An in-flight fire that may have resulted detonations of undetermined origin brought about catastrophic system failures.

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