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Final Flight by H. Greening

Dawn is breaking as the aircraft touches down
Its seats are filled with soldiers, for Christmas homeward bound
They leave the plane to stretch their legs, and have a look around
It's good to be in the open air and walk on solid ground.

The air is filled with laughter as these gallant men step down
They're singing Christmas carols, not one soul has a frown
They walk into the gift shop, some gifts for to buy
Perhaps it is a tee-shirt or some precious little toy.

They laugh and joke with all the staff, joy shows on their face
They're going home for Christmas, when they leave this little place
Their laughter fills the gift shop, they're a happy joyful band
A soldier buys a tee-shirt "We survived Gander, Newfoundland."

Meanwhile on the tarmac, their plane is filled with fuel
No one there is thinking that this world can be so cruel
They call and shout to others, as once more they board their plane
Not one of them are thinking "We won't walk this earth again."

They quickly fill the aircraft and settle in their seat
Not knowing that their Maker, they very soon would meet
The aircraft leaves the terminal, and taxis to her berth
In just a few more seconds she'll be leaving mother earth.

They were heading for Kentucky, their loved ones waited there
But only moments later they were torn from the air
The aircraft failed to gain its height and plunged to the ground
Two hundred fifty-six were dead, not a living soul was found.

To loved ones they left behind, we think of you today
And share with you your sorrow, and bow our heads and pray
May God above give unto you, eternal rest and peace
you know they served their country in the far off Middle East.

Now their work is finished, on earth they are no more
They're waiting up in Heaven on God's eternal shore
Some day we'll meet them up there, never again to part
But now we'll treasure memories and lock them in our heart.

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